Details about our buyback process

We've tried to make the process of selling your Apple devices straightforward, but in some cases, additional information may be helpful. Take a look at the topics below, and get in touch if you still have questions. Thanks for your business!

Estimator Tool

How to identify your machine

You can identify your device in a variety of ways. If the device in question is a computer, the easiest way to identify it is to turn it on, open up the Apple menu and select "About this Mac". Click "more info", and you should have easy access to all the necessary info. For further information about identifying your device, see these Apple tech notes:
Identifying MacBook models
Identifying MacBook Pro models
Identifying MacBook Air models
Identifying Mac Mini models
Identifying iMac models
Identifying Mac Pro models

If your machine is an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod), you can use the serial number to determine which model you have. The serial number and/or model number can often be found on the back of the device case, and often within the "settings" app for iPad and iPhone devices. For further information about identifying your device, see these Apple tech notes:
Identifying iPhone models
Identifying iPad models
Identifying iPod models

What if my machine doesn't turn on?

In the event that your machine doesn't turn on, and you have no record of it's specifications from a purchase receipt, etc, you can use the machine's serial number to get some basic information about the model. Two sites that can help you identify your machine: or . Using one of these website tools will give you general information about your machine, but may not include information about specifics like how much memory you have installed, or how much storage you have. In those instances, just select the lowest amount of memory and smallest storage capacity in the estimator form, and we'll adjust your estimate if we receive your machine and the specs are different.

If you're having trouble identifying your device, just send a note to or fill out a request on our contact form. We'll work with you to figure out what you've got.

How do I rate my machine's condition?

  • Very good: devices in this condition look just like one that just came out of the box from Apple when new. No scratches or other cosmetic damage, and all components work exactly like they should. Very few used machines we see are in this condition, so only use it if your machine is truly "like new".
  • Good: devices in this condition are similar to the "very good" condition, but may have some very minor scratches or other cosmetic damage. The screen should still be in great condition with no scratching or other damage. If there is any part of the case that is cracked, bent, or scratched, please select "fair".
  • Fair: devices in this condition are well worn, with limited areas of significant damage or small cracks. Device screens in this condition may have minor scratches, but the device should still be fully functional.
  • Poor: devices in this condition have heavy wear, significant damage, including, but not limited to: deep scratching, scuffs, cracks, dents, etc. You may also select this classification if your device has several non-critical functional defects that do not prevent the machine from booting (optical drive doesn't work, keys on keyboard not working, etc).

What if my exact configuration or condition is not available as an option in the Estimator Tool?

While our Estimator database is exhaustive in terms of listing the machines that we purchase, occasionally there is a model or variant that isn't included. For example, Apple has produced several education-only models of certain machines that aren't commonly found in the wider market, but they'll sometimes find their way into a buyers hands anyway. Or perhaps we haven't listed your specific configuration option, if you've added more RAM than what we've listed, or your Mac Pro has 4 drives and 3 PCIe cards. In this case, use the comments box on the first page of the Estimator form to explain what you have. You might want to include a serial number, any additional condition or configuration details, or any other information that will help us give you a fair estimate for your device. If we need additional information from you, we'll follow up with you after we receive your request.


Prepaid shipping label

We provide a prepaid UPS Ground shipping label, delivered via email, for your use in sending us your device. All you need to do is package your device, print the UPS shipping label and attach it to the package, and then drop it off at an approved UPS location. This is the default option for all estimates.

Self-paid shipping label

If you prefer to handle all aspects of selecting a shipper and paying for your shipping costs, select the "self" option when completing the estimator tool. You can then use any shipper or method that you want to ship us your device. As a result of choosing this option, your estimate will include a small credit when compared with estimates that make use of our prepaid shipping label.

If you do not have a convenient UPS dropoff location in your area, this option may be the better choice for you.

If you select this option, please use a shipping method that includes tracking information. USPS Priority Mail and all FedEx options include tracking information with all shipments.

Packing your device for shipment

We want your device to make it safely to our facility, so it is important that you securely package it to protect it during transit. Be sure to use a box that is large enough to allow for several inches of padded shipping materials (e.g. bubble wrap) around your device. UPS locations and other shipping stores stock a variety of boxes and packing materials, or you can reuse packaging that you already have.

If you are including the original box/packaging of your device with the purchase, pack your device inside the original box, and then you can put the original box inside a slightly larger box in order to further protect your device. In most cases, your original box was not designed to be the primary shipping box, so it is best to place it inside another box for secure shipping.


How will I get paid for my device?

We offer 3 options for payment: PayPal, Amazon gift card, and check. The PayPal and Amazon gift card options both happen electronically, and will be sent to the email address that you specify in the estimator. If you select "check" as your payment method, you will be mailed a check for the amount of your estimate. If you select "PayPal", please be aware that PayPal charges recipients of payments a $0.30 transaction fee plus 2.9% of the total amount, so your payment will be slightly less than what was indicated in the estimator (e.g. a $100 estimate will result in a $96.80 payment). Amazon gift cards will be issued at full face value with no additional fees. At this time, the 3 options listed are the only ways that we can pay you for your device.

When will I get paid for my device?

When your device arrives at our facility, we'll thoroughly inspect and test it to ensure that it matches the condition and features that you specified in the estimator. Once this process occurs, payment will take place within 1-2 business days. Please keep in mind that if you selected the "check" payment option, your check will be put in the mail within 1-2 business days, but you will then need to wait for it to arrive, which can take up to a week for most standard USPS First Class letters.

What happens if you decide my device is a different condition than what I specified?

Occasionally, a machine will arrive and is in a different condition or with different specifications than what you originally specified on the estimate form. If the machine is in better condition that you indicated, we'll add the difference to your estimate. If the estimate needs to be revised lower than the original estimate, we will contact you to inform you of the difference. You can decide to accept the lower estimate, or you can elect to have us return your device to you at no charge. We pledge to treat you fairly when it comes to valuing your device.

Other Questions

I'm not located in the United States. Will you still buy my Apple device?

We don't currently offer a prepaid shipping option for those of you who are located outside of the USA. So, you'd need to select the "self-paid" shipping option when getting your estimate. You would then need to pay to ship us your device. Get in touch if you have any questions about the process.

What happens after I ship you my device?

Our goal is to keep you updated along every step of the process of selling us your device. You will receive email messages at the following stages:

  • When your device arrives - an email will be sent to let you know that your device has arrived. At this point in our process, we have not inspected your device, but it has arrived and has been put into our intake queue for initial inspection.
  • When we have finished inspection - an email will be sent to let you know that your machine has been inspected. If we've discovered anything that was different from your estimate, we'll include an updated quote in the email and if the adjusted estimate is lower than the original estimate, you'll need to tell us whether you'd like your device back (we'll ship it back at no cost to you), or whether you'd like to continue with the sale of your device at the new estimate. If the estimate is higher than originally stated, we'll let you know, and continue on with the process.
  • When payment has been sent - once we've inspected your device, we'll use the payment method you chose and complete payment, usually within 1-2 business days after your device has been inspected. We'll follow up with an email to let you know that payment has been sent.
  • When the process is complete - we'll send you one final email to ensure everything has been completed to your satisfaction. This final email may also include a survey email, which we encourage you to complete, as it helps us make sure that our process is working for the folks that go through it!

What if I change my mind after I ship you my device?

We ask that you carefully consider whether you truly want to sell and send us your device. While we can return your device to you in some cases, we are not always able to honor requests if your device has already begun the refurbishment process.

  • If you decide that you'd like to keep your device after you've already dropped it off with UPS, just send a note to or fill out a request on our contact form to let us know your decision. We'll ship your device back to you at no charge as soon as we receive it.
  • If you change your mind after we have received your device, send us a note with the request, and we'll do everything we can to honor it. As long as you have not recieved payment, we can most likely honor your request and ship your device back to you at no cost to you.
  • If you change your mind after you have received payment, we are no longer able to return your machine, as devices enter our refurbishment/repair/disassembly process immediately after payment has been issued.

How we handle the erasure of data on devices that you send us.

We recommend that you erase all of your personal data from the memory of your device before shipping it to us. Doing this provides an extra layer of protection for your personal and private information. When we receive a device, we follow industry-standard procedures for securely erasing all the contents of a device. Because of these procedures, we cannot recover any data from your device once it has begun our refurbishment/repair/disassembly process, so please be sure that all your important data is copied to another device before sending us your old one.

I can't find my machine in the Estimator Tool

Because of how quickly technology changes, we have to make decisions about which devices we can and cannot buy. Currently, we're only purchasing Macs with Intel processors (2006 and newer), and most iPhones and iPads. If you cannot find your device in our Estimator Tool, and you think it might be something that we are interested in, email us at or fill out a request on our contact form to see if we're interested in making you an offer.

Bulk buyback of devices

If you are an individual, business or educational institution that has multiple devices to sell, we are interested in giving you a quote. If you have fewer than 5 devices, it is most often quickest to just submit 5 separate estimate requests through our estimator tool. If you have 5 or more, send us a note at or fill out a request on our contact form to start the process of selling us multiple devices. Once we receive a list of your devices, we'll review what you have and send you a total offer. And we'll even provide a prepaid shipping label for your convenience.


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