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If you've compared Applexit with any of the other Apple device buyback services, you've no doubt noticed that a few of the more popular sites simply don't pay top dollar for your items. In a recent blog post, we reported that for certain devices, Applexit will pay you more than 100% MORE than Gazelle. Our offers are among the highest you'll find anywhere.

So when you’re ready to get the newest iPhone, Macbook Pro, iMac or iPad, let us give you some cash for your old Apple device! We are currently buying the following devices: all Intel-based Macs (including Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro). iPhone 3GS or newer (all carriers), and all models of iPad. If you need help to identify your device, get in touch.

We make it easy to get paid for your unwanted, old or broken Apple devices. Get an estimate in under 5 minutes, and see for yourself just how simple it is!

(How do I identify my device?)

*We've taken steps to ensure you receive an accurate quote for your Apple device. However, if we need to revise your quote because of a technical or pricing error, we will do so before you ship us your device, and we will get your approval before continuing with the buyback process. Thanks!


  • » Check our selling guide for details. It includes useful tips about the process of selling us your gear.
  • » Have a machine or configuration you can't find in our estimator tool? Email us at help@applexit.com or visit the contact page.
  • » Looking to sell us more than one machine? Just fill out a request on our contact page to get the process started.



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You can identify your device in a variety of ways. If the device in question is a computer, the easiest way to identify it is to turn it on, open up the Apple menu and select "About this Mac". Click "more info", and you should have easy access to all the necessary info. For further information about identifying your device, see these Apple tech notes:
Identifying MacBook models
Identifying MacBook Pro models
Identifying MacBook Air models
Identifying Mac Mini models
Identifying iMac models
Identifying Mac Pro models

If your machine is an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod), you can use the serial number to determine which model you have. The serial number and/or model number can often be found on the back of the device case, and often within the "settings" app for iPad and iPhone devices. For further information about identifying your device, see these Apple tech notes:
Identifying iPhone models
Identifying iPad models
Identifying iPod models