Fees: Applexit vs eBay, Round 3

We’re doing a series of blog posts comparing Applexit’s buyback service and eBay. This is one of the entries in that comparison.

Strike 3 against eBay: eBay and Paypal fees

There are costs associated with selling any item on eBay, but those fees are not always clear until after your item has sold and you’re figuring out how you’ve done.

eBay starts by giving every user some free insertion/listing fees, so you can post any item for sale without up-front cost. But you pay for that convenience in the fees that they charge at the time of the sale. For a laptop that sells in the auction format for $400 and which included a reserve at $350, there are $43.50 in fees. That’s more than 10% in fees for eBay alone. But the other hidden cost is from PayPal, the way that all sellers on eBay are required to accept payment. Paypal charges another $11.90 for this transaction, yielding a total of 13.85% of the auction amount in fees. So the $400 auction yields $344.60.  And in this case, we haven’t figured shipping into the equation, which if you follow eBay’s guidance and offer free shipping, you’ll need to deduct another $25-$35 from your $344 for shipping costs, leaving you with just over $300 at the end of the day.

After you’ve gotten over the fact that you’re now down to $300 in-hand from the $400 which your auction brought in, you now have to hope that the buyer doesn’t discover something about your laptop that was not mentioned in your listing and want to return it. Because while eBay will compel you to accept their return, you’ll likely have to pay for return shipping of the laptop out of your own pocket.  eBay will refund the rest of their fees, though, so while you’re out the shipping costs, you’ll at least recoup the final value fees.  So if you want to sell your laptop again, you’re starting at least $50 in the hole (original and return shipping costs).

You can see how quickly what appears to be an easy way to sell your laptop (eBay) becomes a fee-ridden experience that leaves a bad taste in your mouth, and even less cash in your pocket.

Sell your Apple device to Applexit. We’ll offer you a fair price up front, we’ll cover shipping costs if you want, and you get 100% of the price we offer if you decide to sell us your laptop. Start today by getting an estimate and let us know if you have any questions about the process.

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Hassles of Selling: Applexit vs eBay, Round 2

We’re doing a series of blog posts comparing Applexit’s buyback service and eBay. This is one of the entries in that comparison.

Strike 2 against eBay: Selling hassles

Anytime you want to sell your Apple device online, there’s a certain minimum of information you have to provide in order for the transaction to be fair to both buyer and seller. eBay has tried to make selling your items easy, but it’s still a hassle to put together an eBay listing that will result in you getting the most money for your item. If you want any chance of selling your item for a good price, you need to write an accurate, thorough description, complete with at least a handful of photos.

Describing your Apple item

Writing a good description for your item is not an easy task. eBay now offers some stock listing templates for certain common items, which is helpful, but you still need to write a description of your item, with a detailed listing of all specifications, cosmetic and functional issues. Decide not to include that info, or only partially include certain elements, and you’re likely to have to deal with a refund or other hassles from a dissatisfied buyer.


Photos are another aspect of listings that eBay makes easy with their eBay mobile app for smartphones. Snap a shot or two on your phone and you’ve got a listing. Sounds great, but the quality of the photos from a lighting and compositional standpoint are usually quite poor.  Displaying your item poorly for photos is a good way to get less than a fair price for your item on eBay.

The point we’re trying to make is that getting a good price for your item on eBay is not a simple task. While anyone can list an item, not everyone can create a listing that will result in a good sale.

At Applexit, we make it easy to sell your item. You don’t have to write a description or take any photos. Just click a few checkboxes and select your item, and we’ll make an offer on your Apple device. Try the Estimator tool, and avoid the hassles you’ll face when trying to sell your Apple item on eBay or other sites.

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Applexit vs eBay, Round 1: Pricing

We’re doing a series of blog posts comparing Applexit’s buyback service and eBay. This is one of the entries in that comparison.

For someone looking to get rid of an old iPhone or Macbook, eBay might seem like the best way to sell the device. When comparing Applexit vs eBay at face value, eBay may look like the way to get the most money, but there are some downsides that quickly remove the advantage from eBay and make Applexit look more appealing. Here’s the one we’re focusing on in this entry:

Strike 1 against eBay: Pricing uncertainty

When you sell an item on eBay, you have 2 choices for how to price it: list it as an auction, or decide on a fixed price. For the non-professional eBay seller, neither of these options is a good one.

If you go the route of auction, most people will either start the bidding at a low amount ($0.99) or go with a higher starting amount that’s closer to the value of the item. Starting low is a better way to get bidders interested, but unless  you have a reserve price, you’re also taking the chance that your item would go for significantly less than its worth. On the other hand, using a reserve price that is hidden, or starting bidding too high is a deterrent to buyers, because most sellers use a reserve/starting price that is too high, and as a result, bidders don’t bid because they believe that they will not get a bargain.  For consumer electronics (like MacBooks, iPhones and iPads), auctions will rarely finish for more than fair market value, simply because there are so many similar items available at fair prices.

Going with a fixed price can be good for the seller if the item is fairly priced, but few sellers understand how to price effectively. So most items end up selling quickly (below market value) or slowly or not at all (above market value). Obviously, neither of these situations is ideal for a seller.

Applexit’s answer: We give you our best offer up front, so you know exactly how much you’ll get if you sell us your device.  Avoid the guessing, waiting, and disappointment of eBay by selling us your device.

Try Applexit’s Estimator for your Apple device, and see how much we’ll give you for your iPhone, Macbook, or iPad today!

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Applexit vs. other Apple device buyback services

It’s no secret that there are other buyback services for your used Apple devices. Gazelle and SellYourMac are two of the bigger ones. And while they may have been around longer than us and have bought many more machines than we have, the most important metric for you, the person looking to sell an Apple device, is which service puts the most money in your pocket.

So, we decided to do a quick comparison of several devices* to see how we stack up to the competition:

2010 13” Macbook Pro 2.4GHz, 250GB hard drive, 4GB RAM
Applexit – $352 (25% more than the closest competitor)
Gazelle – $268
SellYourMac – $280

2012 Mac Pro 2.66GHz 12-core Xeon, 1TB hard drive, 12GB RAM
Applexit – $1787 (a whopping 119% more than Gazelle!)
Gazelle – $814
SellYourMac – $1730

Late 2006 Macbook 13” 2.0GHz Core Duo, 80GB hard drive, 512MB RAM
Applexit – $85.60 (22% more than the closest competitor, and 256% more than Gazelle!)
Gazelle – $24
SellYourMac – $70

iPad 2, 16GB Wifi only
Applexit – $166.40 (11% more than the closest competitor)
Gazelle – $120
SellYourMac – $150

We think the results speak for themselves. Applexit pays you the most for your Apple devices, in some cases more than 3x the price of our major competitors! So, compare our prices with those of other competitors, then come back for the best price at Applexit. Give our Estimator Tool a spin today.

*All estimates completed with the following parameters: working machine with no liquid damage, highest cosmetic rating, power cord, no engraving, no original box or other accessories, prepaid shipping. Prices checked on 14 March, 2014. 

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