Data security: How to stay protected

Data security is an important topic to understand, whether you use an iPad, iPhone or a Mac. The information you store on your Apple device can be sensitive in nature and could include such things as passwords and account information to your online services (email, Facebook, banking/investment accounts, etc), financial records and tax returns and other information that is personal in nature. Keeping your personal data out of the hands of those that might misuse it should be a primary goal when considering the security of your data.

Because data security is so important, Applexit employs a variety of data destruction techniques on each device that we purchase. In addition to the standard disk formatting tools that many are familiar with, we also use several professional tools and software to ensure that we’re not passing along any customer data when a device leaves our facility. That assurance of security is very important to us, and is included with each and every device that we purchase.

Before you send us your device, you can take additional steps to ensure the security of your data. IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you have backed up your data to another device before attempting any of these tips, as they will permanently erase your data. Here you go:

Data security on a Mac:

1. In System Preferences > Users and Groups, create a new user account. Log out of your current account, and then login to the new user account, go back to System Preferences > Users and Groups and delete your old account. This will stop the casual data thief from seeing your data.
2. Continuing from step 1, you can perform an “Erase free space” command, which will greatly reduce the risk that your personal data will be compromised. Open up Disk Utility on your Mac (found in the Applications > Utilities folder), select your OS disk (usually called “Macintosh HD”), and click the “Erase Free Space” button inside the “Erase” tab of Disk Utility. This will keep any new data intact, but anything that has been deleted previously will be permanently erased.
3. If you have a high degree of concern about the security of your deleted data, you may want to do a full disk erase. This requires a bit more experience because you’ll either need to boot into Recovery Mode (more info here: ), or boot your computer from an external drive in order to complete the erasure.

Data security on an iPhone or iPad:

1. The main way to erase data on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch) is to do a full erase & reset. This is a very easy process to do. Follow the instructions here:

Whether you take some precautions before sending us your Apple device, or whether you let us handle the secure destruction of your data, rest assured that at Applexit, we take data security seriously.  Our industry-standard procedures ensure that your data is securely erased.

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